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Design Observer   Mark Edens - NY
I like how InPrint Magazine also showcases top art works, though not as much as other popular magazines such as Print or Communication Arts, with feature articles and their design annuals. The InPrint Magazine offers valuable visial insights and suggestions that designers can put to use in the business and creative ends of their work
Igor - Italy Ana Pacheco - Brazil
The design of the issues themselves (and their always interesting covers) provides an easy and inspiring read that I recommend. Brilliantly made . InPrint Magazine is the revolution of magazines greetings from Brazil .We love you!
Jaques katazina - Paris Anna - Spain
Inprint focus on a particular category and showcase the best (according the last magazine issue ) Anniversary Issue. These issues are great keepers to flip through when looking for some creative inspiration. InPrint Magazine showcases up-and-coming designers, artists and illustrators and I love the green idea. keep up the fantastic works and designs
Lou Patrou - NY  
Incredible art and incredible graphic design, that is what comes to mind when I think of Inprint Magazine. Everything is relevant, fresh and of interest. Which is what you want out of a publication like this! This past issue has turned a corner with its design, layouts and titles, giving the pages and content punch & balance. The artist’s portfolios kick ass and the interviews deliver all the rest! Do you have anything to say about our current or last issues? any suggestions? contact us @
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InPrint magazine informs and enlightens the graphic design,
illustration and arts professions with in-depth reporting and
critical commentary on the emergent issues, trends, and ideas
affecting global visual communications.InPrint analyzes the influence
and effectiveness of the designer in the worlds of commerce, culture,
and society and presents its observations within a rich and dynamic
visual environment.The magazine's goal is to feature artists, whether they work
for a firm, an in-house department, for themselves or run successful, creative, profitable
studios.InPrint Magazine strives to serve the business and the creative needs of graphic-design professionals and professionals who are influencing contemporary arts.
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