InPrint Interviews RaShelle Roberts

As a Creative Coach and the founder of inVision, RaShelle Roberts has been
recognized by industry leaders across the country for her unique ability to
develop flexible, innovative programs that fit the unique needs of each client.
RaShelle applies more than 15 years of experience to guide her clients into a
specific plan of action for their success. Let's have a chat with her!

Hello RaShelle tell us a little bit about yourself

I’ve been a creative business coach for over 16 years. I’ve been a closet artist
since I can remember. I didn’t believe I was an artist until more recently. I began to see
how I’ve been surrounded by art all my life… people, projects, my work. I noticed I’ve always been creating in one way or another. A few years back I stopped hiding out. I began to own what was calling me inside….that I crave to create art.

I mostly paint and collage butterflies in unusual ways… My love affair with butterflies started when I was very young during the hours I spent playing outside in the desert. I thought it was natural for butterflies to land and stay on me. Years later my mom inspired me to remember my experiences with butterflies. Here and now, I honor my beautiful mother and the love she encouraged me to have for art, butterflies, transformation & the gift of being alive. Its’ truly the heart of what inspires me to paint.

I’m passionate about the creative process over-all - not only for myself but encouraging self-expression and the desire we all have to create.

Tell us a little bit about invision program, who is welcome to apply?

I offer one-on-one coaching for Creatives and I created a program called The Creative Business Manifesto. The Creative Business Manifesto ™ E-Course/ Workbook is designed specifically for freelancers and small business owners to create clarity, lay a solid foundation and build their brand. I work primarily with designers but I work with anyone who uses their creativity to make money and needs help or wants to grow their business

As an artist, when did you get started illustrating? What you like about collage?

I paint and collage. I mix them together. I let ideas fall together and use all kinds of objects – I don’t limit myself. I’ve been drawing, creating, constructing since I was very little… I just didn’t recognize it until I was an adult. I really started owning it when I took ‘The Artists Way’ in 97. The last several years I’ve given myself permission to really pursue and explore my style. I realized I was on to something that inspired me and I wanted to show people.

What are you working on right now? Do you have any other projects you'd like to talk about?

I’m working on a butterfly series. I’ve painted/collage mostly butterflies since I can remember. I enjoy other nature inspired scenes as well. I’ve put on numerous events bringing artists and different charity’s together. The last one I put on was for our local ski resort. A snowboard company donated 50 paint-able snowboards – we auctioned them off and donated to a local childrens foundation. We raised $20k. I’ve done a lot of these and love them. Art motivates me both as an artist as well as how it effects positive change in the world.

When you create a piece a how do you decide what scenes and details to draw?

I usually see/feel what to pain intuitively. I let the piece unfold and listen along the way to what’s next. I like mixing an idea or feeling with my intuition and trusting the process. A piece that’s been sitting half way complete for over 2 year is finally finished – I kept looking at it wondering what was next. One day I finally could see it… It’s my favorite piece to date.

Can you explain your art process?

I see everything as art. My first experience of understanding this was in 4th grade when my teacher assigned us a six week project. Each student was given a country to study and asked to give a report on what we found. My country was Japan. I researched and read anything I could find about Japan. I remember falling in love with the colors and patterns and how different their culture was from mine. I recall discovering origami. It took over my report. It was a visual representation of all that I was learning. That was IT – that WAS my report. My verbal report was filled with details about the country and the written report was this gorgeous and intriguing art form. When I handed in my basket filled with every shape, size and color of Origami my teacher wasn’t so thrilled and I barely passed. Now as an adult I understand much more about my creative process. I see my art as a story – a way of understanding emotion, love, life around me. I soak in my life experiences and express them through my mixed media process. I collage words, shapes and patterns mixed with acrylic and other mediums. I look for unusual shapes or objects (including old books used as a canvas) to work on. I give myself the freedom to explore and find what feels inspiring at the moment. I ‘see/feel’ it and allow it to unfold in each piece.

Do you have a favorite color or palette?

Yes, I love using metallic colors. I mix different shades of metallics to make unusual color blends. I also blend standard colors to create unusual shades.

What is your favorite medium to work in?

Wood, old books, paper, canvas - I’ve been collecting for years, magazine clippings, odd & old objects. Acrylic. I love to experiment – mistakes usually end up being my best work.

When you put a new piece together, what do you expect the viewer to see?

I expect them to see and feel emotion and beauty. I like unusual beauty… I want them to look for the elements that inspire them. The shape, color or pattern that reminds them of something or invokes an emotional connection or opens them to something new.

What gets you through an illustration when you're stuck for inspiration?

I let it be. I don’t force it. I have a lot of pieces started… I allow myself to get the initial idea/feeling down and then let it continue to organically birth its self. I know when it’s time to finish a piece it usually calls me back to complete it.

What book do you remember from when you were young?

‘Hope for The Flowers’ and ‘Where the Wild Things Are’.

If you could illustrate any writer's new work, who would it be?

Steven Pressfield – I love ‘The War of Art’ It changed my life – opened my eyes. I’d love to work on any project he’s a part of.

We see that you coach artists now. Is that a way to be more involved with arts and express yourself as well?

Yes, most creatives find the business side challenging. I’ve had a knack for both the creative and business side. I find great satisfaction in seeing a client flourish. When I see a client sore it inspires me to do more, be more, create more. I see the difference artists/creative bring about in the world and I want to be a part of that… creativity is bringing about change and I want more of that.

Where can we find out more about you?

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